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Linkham Group

Global Insurance Solutions for the Travel, Financial Services and Card Industries

Founded in 2007; The Linkham Group is an independent, innovative and provocative force that challenges industry norms. Our distinct approach is rooted in creating emotional foundations and the core belief that ideas only become great once they create change in the marketplace.

Who Are Linkham Group?

Linkham Group are a privately owned organisation founded in 2007 as an independent, innovative and provocative consultancy company which challenge industry norms.

We are specialists in the end to end delivery of Insurance solutions to the Financial Services, Airline, Broker and Card payments sector.

Independent, free thinking and committed to change, we have a distinct approach to solving the challenges facing our industry. We believe financial services need never be the same again.

At Linkham, forward-thinking is intricately woven into our business. It has quite literally become embedded in the way we think, feel and make decisions.

What We Do

Bringing together years of in-market experience we combine our skills and unique resources to deliver desired business outcomes that can be applied to any size of project at any point in the business cycle.

We believe that Change is not about rehashing old work but more about understanding your business, your issues and your goals with the purpose of delivering tangible results and actionable insights. Innovation is nto always about doing new things, but taking a fresh look at improving the ways things are currently done! Our aim is to create long-lasting change that will move your business and the industry forward.

We don’t just do great ideas, we deliver them.

Markets We Operate In

The Linkham Group is truly a global business. Backed by industry expertise and experience, each of our markets is managed with our unique combination of global and local market insight.