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Linkham Risk

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Understanding, quantifying and assessing risk is one of our core principles and areas of expertise. Linkham have two strong propositions which support all of our activity.

Linkham Data Analytics [BLURB]


In the world of insurance and finance, risk management refers to the practice of identifying potential risks in advance, analysing them and taking precautionary steps to reduce/curb the risk.

Measure risk over time.

Monitor and analyse portfolio risk with forecast spanning short-, medium-, to long-term and easily decompose risk at a specific date or investigate changes over time. By leveraging the full generated distribution, you can select the risk measures most relevant to your business including volatility, tracking error or expected losses. compare results among distribution channels, portfolios and find where risk is concentrated across all segments.

Understand your portfolio’s true risk.

Measure volatility and tracking error, capture risk at the tail ends of distribution, and analyse portfolio risk with the model that fits your business style. Use a historical simulation approach and forecasting, identify risk hot spots with models with a linear approach.

Stress test and create What If Scenarios.

Use stress testing and extreme-event stress testing to identify vulnerabilities in your portfolios and assess them under a broad array of market environments and historical scenarios.

Construct Forecasting Models.

Use our integrated tools to build forecasting models identifying constraints in the various risk factors and market forces.

Share the results with your teams.

Using Power Bi which is integrated into our risk tools we can deliver the results with confidence to your stakeholders. Our systems works around the clock to ensure secure, accurate, and consistent overnight processing of your firm’s portfolio data across all asset classes. We ensure your front office is looking at the same approved numbers as your risk and performance teams to focus on channels and partners that delivering profitable growth.